Russia begins mass series production of AR-15 rifle analogue


MOSCOW – Russian company ORSIS has started production in series of the rifle ORSIS-AR15J, analog of the American AR-15.

According to a company representative, the Russian rifle will also be semi-automatic like the US AR-15.

Previously, Russian weapons systems company ORSIS mounted American-like rifles with parts from the United States. According to the representative, now that has changed.

“Now our company has started its own production, independent of American parts,” said the representative.

The gun cartridge will be 5.56 x 45 mm. However, the weapon will have its own barrel, different from the American, which will increase the accuracy of the shot and the life of the rifle .

The representative also said that the company already has customers waiting for the armament and that they have pre-ordered.


The US rifle has become one of the greatest symbols of the US arms industry. The model has several manufacturers, the most famous of which is Colt.

Recently, the American company announced the shutdown of production of the rifle and other weapons of its own for civil use.

Meanwhile, the Il-76MD-90A heavy transport aircraft is a major upgrade to the well-known Il-76MD, whose new features make the legendary Ilyushin even more powerful.

The modernized Il, built by the United Aeronautical Corporation of Russia (OAK), received reinforced wings and PS-90A-76 engines. These changes contributed to increase the maximum takeoff weight of the aircraft to 210 tonnes and the payload to 60 tonnes.

The state-of-the-art pilotage and navigation system, as well as the digital automatic control system, make crew work easier and increase flight safety.

The modernized aircraft may also be equipped with fire-fighting systems as well as medical modules to provide adequate medical assistance during evacuation of victims in emergency situations. Refitting is not very time consuming and can be done at an aerodrome.

To this end, a Russian Il-76 plane arrived in Bolivia on September 9 to help combat the forest fires that hit the region.

According to the Russian corporation, the application of new design methods and production technologies offers the opportunity for a more effective modernization of the aircraft and the creation of a whole series of special aircraft inspired by the original and meeting existing international requirements.

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