Russia doubts that the removal of Bolton will lead to improved bilateral relations


MOSCOW – Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Riabkov questioned in statement that the removal of John Bolton as US National Security adviser translates into an improvement in relations between Washington and Moscow.

To the question of whether the dismissal of a politician considered as a hawk generates some expectations in Moscow, Riabkov replied that “there are not and cannot be.”

“Our position remains the same as always: we judge the facts, not the statements, or the intentions,” he said.

Riabkov refused to assess the removal of Bolton claiming that “it is an internal US matter.”

At the same time, he recalled that “on repeated previous occasions we have witnessed that some or other changes in the composition of the US government do not lead to an improvement or normalization of relations [with Russia], contrary to statements that make high charges of that administration,” Riabkov said.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskov also offered Russia’s position.

“It is an internal affair of the Americans,” Peskov said, answering the question if in the Kremlin they link Bolton’s dismissal with the spying scandal in the US.

For his part, a representative of the Security Council of Russia, commenting on the dismissal of Bolton to Sputnik, also said that it is an internal matter of the US and said that the agency takes this fact “in peace.”

Trump announced on September 10 through messages posted on Twitter that he had required Bolton’s resignation because his services were no longer necessary for the White House, and appointed Charlie Kupperman as interim National Security advisor.

Trump said he and others in his administration disagreed with many suggestions made by Bolton.

The former adviser, a key piece in the US pressure campaign against Venezuela, published a tweet minutes later stating that he had offered the resignation and that Trump allegedly proposed to discuss it the next day.

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