Russia, Turkey and Iran accuse Israel of destabilizing region with attacks

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ANKARA – Russia, Turkey and Iran issued a joint statement today condemning Israel’s recent attacks on targets in Syria, and blaming Tel Aviv for increasing instability in the Middle East.

“Presidents consider Israeli military attacks on Syria to be destabilizing, violating the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and leading to increased tensions in the region,” said the Russian-language version of the document, published on the Kremlin website after a meeting of the leaders of the three countries on Monday in Ankara.

Israel has been carrying out several air strikes against Syria in recent years, claiming that they aim to deter the alleged Iranian presence in the Arab country.

Damascus considers the attacks a blatant violation of international law, while Iran insists its presence in Syria is limited to military advisers who help Damascus fight terrorist groups.

On August 1, an Israeli missile hit the western region of Syria’s Quneitra province.

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The region is close to the Golan Heights, an occupied area area claimed by Israel as part of its territory and extremely rich in oil. The missiles specifically targeted the inland Quneitra region of Tal Braiga.

The information was published by the Syrian news agency SANA. According to the agency, no people were injured as a result of the attack. However, property damage has been reported.

The agency also recalled that Israel attacked Dara’a province on July 23.

Israeli Defense Forces have previously admitted conducting hundreds of attacks against Syria in previous years. However, they also stated that the attacks were intended to contain the presence of Iranian forces in the region.

Damascus condemned the attacks, while Tehran stressed that its presence in Syria is limited to assisting and assisting Syria in combating terrorist groups, including Daesh, Al-Qaeda and others.

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