Russian Alcoholism: Reality or Myth (VIDEO)


MOSCOW – When thinking of stereotypes regarding Russia, people often think of Matryoshka dolls (famously and erroneously known as Babushka dolls), The Bear, AK-47, Space, Russian authors, Communism, ICBMs, Putin, etc. However, there are many negative ones, and one of the most persistent ones is the mythical Russian alcoholism. When thinking about an average Russian, a regular person outside Russia and the former USSR (especially in the West, thank you MSM) might think of an Addidas tracksuit guy, riding a bear, holding an AK-47 in one hand and a bottle vodka in the other (try reading it in a Russian accent, too).

However, the latest data shows a completely different story. After many years of struggle against alcoholism, the Ministry of Health announced the results. More than 15 years ago, they warned the nation, and it wasn’t in vain. People in Russia began to drink less. Much less. This was the main news of the Sobriety Day. It isn’t a state holiday but it’s celebrated quite widely. The tangible result of the all-Russian anti-alcohol campaign is expressed in specific figures, or liters to be exact.

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