Russian and Israeli Experts: We’re Closer to Total War Than Ever Before, We Should Make Our Own Rules (VIDEO)


MOSCOW – Yakov Kedmi, a political figure from Israel, is a regular guest of the popular Russian TV talk show 60 Minutes. His take on the European and American imperialism leaves us with very little to add. The following video shows his view of global affairs.

The same show also featured the Dean of the Faculty of World Economics and International Affairs at Moscow’s HSE Sergey Karaganov, who gave an excellent analysis of the current situation in the world. The Russian MFA doesn’t fully agree with him, although it thinks that the U.S. deliberately lowers the threshold of the use of nuclear weapons. The Russian expert talks about the necessary measures Russia should take in order to survive in this new environment. And not just survive, but also dominate its enemies. The world itself will also benefit from this, given the fact that this is the only way to have a balanced geopolitical situation.

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