Russian Arms Industry Growth Not Affecting Civilian Infrastructure (VIDEO)


MOSCOW – Two million Russian gunsmiths, whose work makes the Russian army one of the most powerful on the planet, celebrated their professional holiday on September 20. The main celebrations on Gunsmith Day were held in Izhevsk where the legendary Kalashnikov Concern produces over 10% of all small arms in the world. The plan is to have the high quality typical of Kalashnikov Concern’s products also transferred to civilian products. Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that the Kalashnikov’s share should reach 50% in defense industry enterprises within ten years.

However, the country will not only focus on the development of its armed forces. The threats coming from the outside should definitely be tackled, so Russia’s leadership also realizes the importance of developing civilian infrastructure. The swing in oil prices due to the events in Saudi Arabia has already affected Russia’s budget. According to Dmitry Medvedev, despite crude oil prices being pretty high now, the main financial document was composed based on the expectation that a barrel would cost $42. Today, the government approved the main aspects of the document, which includes allocating hundreds of billions of dollars on upgrading Russia’s infrastructure.

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