Russian Mi-24 attack helicopter will digitally modernize into even stronger war vehicles


MOSCOW – The Mi-24 attack helicopter has been upgraded to the Mi-24P-1M version, making it a “really digital” vehicle. It will soon return to the air base for testing.

Representative of the Russian Radio Electronics Consortium, Vladimir Mikheev announced the modernization of the helicopter in an interview with Russian media.

“The Russian Ministry of Defense has assigned us a technical task, and in accordance with the given task, we have created the first copy of the Mi-24P-1M. We will take it from an air base and will return it in a modernized version,” stated Mikheev.

According to Mikheev, after modernization, the Mi-24P-1M helicopter became “really digital”. 90% of the airborne radio equipment was replaced.

“It has all been replaced – from pilotage and navigation systems, from communication and steering systems to weapon control systems,” he explained.

But the improvements don’t stop there. Vladimir Mikheev said the helicopter now has an all-new on-board defense system, a take-off and landing autopilot system, and an autonomous target search and identification system .

The first Mi-24 helicopters began entering the Soviet Union’s arsenal in 1976.

Meanwhile, Russian company Radar MMS presented its new BVS VT 500 helicopter drone during the International Naval Defense Salon in St. Petersburg back in July.

The new equipment features an integrated control system that includes an autopilot and an inertial navigation system.

With this, the entire electronic control system has been integrated into a small box that weighs only 800 grams.

The company, which specializes in manufacturing innovative unmanned helicopters, said the drone weighs approximately 500 pounds and is capable of carrying a load of up to 150 pounds.

The VHL VT 500 must carry out hard-to-reach area patrols, reconnaissance missions, rescue missions, counter-terrorism and a wide range of civil and military missions.

The prototype of the drone was first presented during the 2018 Army military forum .

With the definitive version, the company plans to enter the international market.

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