Russian Ministry of Defense warns Pentagon of aggressive actions against Kaliningrad

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WASHINGTON DC – The Pentagon has devised a plan to neutralize the Russian anti-aircraft system in the western Kaliningrad enclave in case of possible aggression from Moscow.

This is a statement by US Air Force commander in Europe and Africa, General Jeffrey Lee Harrigian. “If we have to go in there to take down, for instance, the Kaliningrad IADS [Integrated Air Defense System], let there be no doubt we have a plan to go after that,” the commander of US Air Forces in Europe assured reporters. “We train to that. We think through those plans all the time, and… if that would ever come to fruition, we’d be ready to execute.”

He noted that the US response to possible Russian aggression from the Kaliningrad region would be “multi-domain, very timely and effective capability that we would bring to ensure we have the access we need in that environment.”

Harrigian did not elaborate on any details of the plan, saying only that it would include air, ground, sea, space, cyber and electronic attacks.

The NATO military alliance has been giving priority to the Kaliningrad region . The alliance sees the 60-kilometer Suwalki corridor linking Kaliningrad with Belarus (along the Polish-Lithuanian border) a critical point in the event of a military conflict with Russia.

Russian Ministry of Defense commented on US plans to destroy the Kaliningrad region’s air defense system, emphasizing that the region is well protected against any aggressive “plans” by American generals.

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The Russian Ministry of Defense characterized the US Air Force commander’s ‘levity’ as the Pentagon’s plans to destroy the Kaliningrad region’s air defense system, adding that this ‘levity’ should indeed be of concern to its subordinates.

“The lightness of General Jeffrey Lee Harrigian, the US Air Force commander in Europe, and his naive belief in the superiority of certain ‘plans’ for the conquest of Kaliningrad, should be primarily a concern for his direct reports. These, it seems, know better one of the chief commandments of the military commanders – ‘a plan is only good until the battle’,” said the statement from the Russian ministry.

“The Russian region of Kaliningrad is safely protected against any aggressive” plans “developed in Europe by US generals,” the document concludes.

With reference to US Air Force Commander Jeffrey Lee Harrigian, the Breaking Defense publicatio announced the development of a US military plan to destroy the Kaliningrad region’s air defense system in the event of “aggression” by Russia.

The plan provides for a massive operation with combined air, ground, sea and space attacks, as well as cyberspace attacks and electronic warfare measures.

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