Russian Ministry of Energy and Gazprom Analyzing EU Court’s Decision on Opal pipeline (VIDEO)


BRUSSELS/MOSCOW – The Russian Ministry of Energy and Gazprom lawyers are analyzing the EU court’s decision that ordered to reduce the Russian gas supplies through the Opal pipeline. This was stated by Alexander Novak, the Minister of Energy, at the World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi. The claim was filed by Poland. Warsaw thought Russia was breaking the monopoly statement. Earlier, the European Court rescinded the European Commission’s decision, which entitled Gazprom to run the OPAL natural gas pipeline at full capacity.

The pipeline, which is 480 kilometers (300 miles) long, laid through Germany, connects the Nord Stream with the main European natural gas pipelines. The Czech Republic receives Russian gas through it, then transports it to the southern member-states and regions of the EU, such as Germany, France, Switzerland, and Italy. Poland, a staunch US ally, along with the Baltic states, is the most Russophobic European Union member-state. Currently, the country is trying to undermine the Nord Stream 2 deal.

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