Russian pundit: Sovereignty More Important to Russia Than GDP (VIDEO)


MOSCOW – Oftentimes, Russian liberal traitors stress that spending money on defense is just a “waste of resources”. Of course, such opinions are to be expected from liberal traitors who are all mindlessly fascinated by anything and everything coming from the West. Thankfully, Russian liberals are relatively few in numbers and hugely unpopular with the Russian general public.

Igor Korotchenko, National Defense magazine editor-in-chief summed up Russia’s need for strategic weapons:

“We shouldn’t get involved in negotiations with the US when they propose that, within the framework of a new START-3, we limit the development of the new strategic weapons which Putin told us about. We shouldn’t seek American presidents’ attention as Gorbachev did. We remember what it led to.”

Basically, what he saying is that if Americans want to bring “freedom and democracy” to Russia, Russia needs the capability to return the “freedom and democracy” to the US in a matter of minutes.

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