Russian Pundit Takes Notice of US Empire’s Decline (VIDEO)


MOSCOW – One of the most popular TV talk shows in Russia is 60 Minutes. It covers a wide range of topics, such as economics, social and political subjects. The talk show started in September 2016. and has gained a wide audience since then. Many Russian and foreign experts in various fields have been taking part in the show for years.

One of the most prominent pundits and a regular guest is Karen Shakhnazarov, a Russian film director and People’s Artist of Russia. His direct, witty and well-informed takes on various topics regularly strike at the core of the issues discussed. The video shows his latest take on the decline of the West:

“The reasons why empires collapse are also clear. At some point, they become excessive. They’re excessive, their expansion is excessive. Now, it’s happening to the Americans. They’re excessive. Their efforts are too big for their capabilities. They’re unable to control all of it. They’re in decline.”

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