Saint Petersburg UNWTO Forum: Russia Has a Massive Tourism Potential (VIDEO)


Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation – Russia’s Northern Capital, Saint Petersburg, hosted a session of the UNWTO’s General Assembly. The UNWTO ((UN World Tourism Organization) forum, which gathered delegations from more than 150 countries, was held in Russia for the first time. Addressing the participants, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that it’s symbolical that it’s the Northern Capital that hosts the session. It’s the city that attracts tourists from all over the world. The President hopes that the organization will accept Russia’s request to hold World Tourism Day in the country.

As President Putin stated, Russia’s tourism potential is massive. Apart from the obvious income coming from foreign tourists, the development of tourism in the country could also lead to better environmental protection, better infrastructure, new jobs, and better tax revenue. The mindblowing natural beauty of Russia’s regions, as well as the centuries-old cultural diversity,  are among the two major, even primary factors of the future success of Russian tourism.

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