Saudi Arabia May Need Months to Restore Oil Production After the Drone Attack (VIDEO)


RIYADH – Incidents like the Houthi drone attack on the oil infrastructure of Saudi Arabia don’t contribute to the stability of the energy market, Vladimir Putin’s press secretary told the newspaper Vedomosti. According to Dmitry Peskov, the Russian president is aware of the attacks, but Riyadh didn’t turn to Russia for help. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia may need several weeks to restore oil supplies, Reuters reported, citing its sources. This single brilliant Houthi operation literally took out more than 50% of Saudi oil produuction.

The only ones to blame for all this are the Saudis themselves. They have been conducting their genocidal invasion of Yemen, which has caused unprecedented suffering of Yemeni civilians. A real humanitarian disaster (meaning not the false one the West likes to use as an excuse for invading other countries) has been in motion in Yemen for years already. Food and water deprivation, civil war, destruction of basic infrastructure, etc. have become regular in Yemen. And it was largely thanks to the Saudi invasion. Now, it’s payback time.

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