SCIENCE: Roscosmos Launches New Rocket From Baikonur, Putin Meets Top Scientists to Check on Progress (VIDEO)


Baikonur, Kazakhstan – Three days ago, Baikonur saw the launch of the Soyuz-FG rocket. The rocket start has already been called historic because it marks the end of an era. It was the last time that this rocket placed a spacecraft into orbit. Production of the rocket stopped as the new cutting edge Soyuz-2-1 is set to take its place. However, this wasn’t the only thing that made the launch a historic one because, for the first time in history, a citizen of the United Arab Emirates went into space.

However, the efforts of Russia’s scientific sector aren’t focused only on reviving Russia’s dominance in space technologies. Vladimir Putin created a national fund which would provide financial support for the best startups. Russian President met with the supervisory board of the Agency of Strategic Initiatives and attended the exhibition of innovative projects. Exoskeletons, lasers, and a lot of very pro-active people were the highlights of the meeting.

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