Secret Papers Reveal Russian Hero Scientists Who Prevented America’s Insane Plan to Drop 300 Nuclear Bombs on USSR After WW2 (VIDEOS)


MOSCOW – The new technological image of civilization – smartphones and supercomputers – would not have appeared without the atomic bomb. The president of the Kurchatov Institute Mikhail Kovalchuk spoke today about this connection, which is quite unexpected at first glance. From the archives of the Foreign Intelligence Service, previously classified documents on developments that played a key role 70 years ago were handed over to the National Research Center.

However, it wasn’t only the smartphones and supercomputers that appeared as a result. It was also Russia’s (and the world’s) future. Right after the WW2 was over, the Anglo-American Empire wanted to assert their dominance over the world and eliminate all possible opposition. And the USSR was the first target. A dozen plans were devised. The most prominent plan, dubbed Operation Unthinkable, stated that its primary goal was “to impose upon Russia the will of the United States and the British Empire.”

The names given to other plans graphically portray their offensive purpose: Bushwhacker, Broiler, Sizzle, Shakedown, Offtackle, Dropshot, Trojan, Pincher, and Frolic. The 1949 Dropshot plan envisaged that the US would attack Russia and drop at least 300 nuclear bombs and 20,000 tons of conventional bombs on 200 targets in 100 urban areas, including Moscow and St. Petersburg (known as Leningrad at the time).

In addition, the planners also envisaged launching a major land offensive against Russia to win a “complete victory” over the Soviet Union together with the European allies. According to the plan, Washington would start the war on January 1, 1957. However, Russia soon tested its own nuclear weapon, resulting in the plan being shelved.

Just how destructive a nuclear war would be is what caused the US to “rethink” its strategy. The following video shows how and why the MAD (mutually assured destruction) works.

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