SOUTH STREAM REVIVED: Balkan Stream Section to be Operational in Mere Months (VIDEOS)


MOSCOW/SOFIA/BELGRADE – Bulgaria expects to finish the construction of its section of the Turk Stream pipeline to Serbia by the beginning of next year, Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov stated. He stressed that a consortium, headed by the Saudi company Arkad, will be the contractor for this part of the pipeline. The pipes are expected to be Russian-made.

Turk Stream project came into fruition after Russia decided it had enough of EU’s shenanigans and canceled the South Stream in 2014, which was Nord Stream’s southern “sister project” aimed at ensuring the uninterrupted supplies of Russian natural gas to the southern areas of Europe. Under pressure from the West, Bulgaria, a key transit country “temporarily” stopped construction, which was the last straw for Russia, which faced numerous obstructions from the EU since the very beginning of the project.

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a deal with Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Turk Stream was born. This gave Russia a chance to supply gas to Turkey, giving it access to 80 million potential consumers. Soon, realizing they will be left out for the sake of their overlords in Brussels, Balkan countries decided to join in and ensure they would continue having a secure natural gas supply. Thus, South Stream still happened, although a tiny bit delayed and in a slightly different form, which in the end proved to be an even better deal for Russia.

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