Still the Best in the World, Russian Kids Take Home the Gold at Chess Competition in China (VIDEO)


Weifang, People’s Republic of China – Three gold medals: the youngest Russian grandmasters checkmated their rivals in the finale of the worldwide children’s competition in Weifang, China. Moscow resident Savva Vitokhin proved to be the strongest in the under ten category, candidate master Galina Mikheeva from Salekhard won the competition among girls under twelve, while the junior category under the age of eight saw no rivals for Sochi-born Artyom Lebedev who has become a second-year student at a sports school as the youngest world chess champion.

Russia has had a very long history of the top of the line grandmasters and although these successes are in no way an exception, they still command respect from the world. This is due to Russia’s excellent education system, which has a special focus on math and natural sciences in general. Russia continues to be one of the top players in these fields of research.

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