Syrian Army Now Deadlier Than Ever (VIDEO)


DAMASCUS – Russia’s assistance to Syria was crucial not just in saving the country, but also in defeating the foreign-backed terrorists. Russian Aerospace Force conducted hundreds, if not thousands, of sorties in support of the Syrian Arab Army’s advance. However, as the old saying goes, in order to really help a man, it’s better to help him learn how to fish, rather than do all the fishing for him. This is precisely what has been going on in Syria for the last 4 years. Russian special forces have been conducting combat training of Syria’s new elite force.

The special forces drills in Syria are going to help the SAA (Syrian Arab Army) to significantly increase its special forces’ lethality and battle effectiveness. The new elite force was trained by Russian specialists. The drills will also increase the interoperability of SAA’s various units and also boost the battle morale of regular SAA troops. Apart from combat training, new units are also equipped with new gear. New assault rifles, lighter and better body armor and various new gadgets are just some of the tactical improvements.

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