MAJOR: Syrian People Hold Massive Rallies Against US-Backed Militias, Call for Expulsion of SDF from Deir Ezzor


Deir Ezzor, Syria – The residents of Deir Ezzor held massive rallies against the Kurdish militias in eastern Syria, calling for the expulsion of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from the region, the Arabic-language media outlets and sources said.

The local sources in Deir Ezzor province reported that a large number of residents of al-Moizlieh and al-Azabeh in northeastern Deir Ezzor closed the roads and protested against the SDF and the US. The Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper reported that the civilians called on the Kurdish militia commanders to hand over the areas under their control to the indigenous population before protests spiral out of control.

The residents of Deir Ezzur also took to the streets to protest after the US Army troops attacked the town of al-Kasar in the al-Basirehh region in eastern Deir Ezzor, abducting four members of a family and transferring them to an unknown place. In a relevant development in late August, the Kurdish-majority SDF continued to crack down on public dissent in eastern Syria as hundreds of the US military trucks carrying military equipment had arrived in Hasaka province to back up the SDF.

Local sources in Eastern Deir Ezzur reported that hundreds of residents of the towns of al-Azabeh and Moizlieh staged protest rallies against the SDF, and called for their exit from al-Jazeera region. The Kurdish militia dispersed the crowd by firing at them. The protesters shouted against SDF’s corruption, plundering oil and public assets as well as closing al-Salehieh crossing which is linked to the areas under the Syrian Army’s control.

Meanwhile, al-Watan newspaper reported that a new military convoy comprising over 200 trucks carrying US weapons as well as military and logistic equipment arrived in Ra’s al-Ain region in northwestern Hasaka near the border with Turkey through Simalka passage between Iraq and Syria. Hasaka and Deir Ezzor provinces have been the scenes of large-scale protests over recent years concurrent with intensified tensions in SDF-controlled areas.

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