The ‘Lovely’ Face of Liberalism: ‘We Should Be Open To Cannibalism If It Means Fighting Conservatism and Climate Change’ (VIDEO)


STOCKHOLM – It’s always pleasant to observe the ever-changing modern thought. Life constantly evolves, gets better, adapts… It’s a natural process. Still, modern liberalism, which often tries portraying itself as the future, is different or even a direct opposite to the natural. The liberal movement, the one that Putin rightfully called obsolete, isn’t losing its position and is going “onward and upward”. One of these days, an important addition from Sweden was made to the bank of the “ingenious” liberal thought. A Swedish liberal (I guess “Swedish” liberal has become a pleonasm), Magnus Soderlund, a professor of the Stockholm School of Economics has suggested “we should eat human flesh”.

According to professor Soderlund, “conservative taboos could change over time if people simply tried eating human flesh”. The liberals have gone so insane that not eating human flesh is now considered “conservative” in their depraved libtard minds. Soderlund wasn’t talking about anyone being killed or eaten alive (yet), but “only” about devouring the remains of those who have died. Wow, what a relief, a SpongeBob SquarePants-style optimist would say.

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