The Mystery of U.S Airstrikes On Terrorists In Idlib (VIDEO)


Idlib, Syria – Officially “disturbed” by the USA’s unilateral actions in Syria, the Ministry of Defense of Russia condemned the USA’s unilateral actions in Syria. On Saturday, at 3:00 PM local time, with neither coordination with Russia and Turkey nor any attempts made to inform them, U.S. Air Force aircraft carried out an airstrike in the Idlib province, allegedly targeting an Al-Qaeda command post between the localities of Ma’arrat Misrin and Kafr-Haya. It resulted in multiple casualties and major damage.

The airstrike comes at a time of tough negotiations on reestablishing the de-escalation zone in Idlib. Of course, the airstrike against terrorists is a good thing. The timing, however, seems awkward, to say the least. The US Air Force could have conducted the air raid during the Syrian Arab Army’s operations, which would have helped the anti-terrorist offensive. However, the airstrike came only after the ceasefire had been negotiated and it was conducted in an area which in no way could have contributed to the anti-terrorist forces’ efforts on the ground. It might have been an attempt to save face, or a warning to Turkey, and maybe even a sign of tacit coordination with Russia. Thus far, the attack remains a mystery.

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