The Tumultuous September: Madman US General Pits US Bombers Against Russian Missile Defenses, Saudi-Iranian Conflict Looming, While Biden Slams Trump (VIDEOS)


WASHINGTON/BRUSSELS/RIYADH/TEHRAN – American airmen are practicing the plan to break the Russian anti-air and anti-missile defense systems. And they already chose a target – Kaliningrad. Situated in the southeastern part of the highly contested Baltic Sea, the Kaliningrad Oblast is a Russian exclave packed with anti-air and anti-missile defenses and a real thorn in NATO’s backside. The exclave is also home to the lethal Iskander missile system, capable of striking most of Eastern Europe, rendering NATO’s defenses in the area useless.

Although the tensions in the region are already high enough, NATO and the US are still intent on escalating the situation. For some reason, a B-52 crew conducted a strike exercise with the goal of testing the cumbersome Cold War-era bomber’s ability to survive a Russian A2/AD environment. The Americans are quite self-confident that such a bomber would survive an S-400/Tor-M1/Pantsir-S1 combo.

Iran, Saudi Arabia, United States

It’ll soon be the 40th anniversary since the USA and Iran severed their diplomatic relations. Once very close allies (Iran received the latest US military tech right before the 1979 Revolution), Washington and Tehran are now perhaps the most hated opponents in the world. They exchange “courtesies” mainly through the media. Of course, American propaganda has been much more successful in denigrating Iran on a global scale. And the US has been pushing for the trope of alleged Iranian involvement in the latest Houthi drone strike on Saudi oil facilities.

To make matters worse for the rest of the planet, the upcoming 2020 US presidential election is also heating things up, with the US internal political struggles spilling over to the geopolitical issues of Ukraine and the Middle East. The incumbent US President Donald Trump desperately needs a win if he is to get re-elected in 2020, while his bitter opponent Joe Biden isn’t missing a single opportunity to criticize Trump’s administration, especially in regards to Ukraine.

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