THE UNFORGIVING EMPIRE: Snowden Faces 15,000,000 Years Imprisonment For Proving the US Spies on the Whole World (VIDEO)


MOSCOW – On Tuesday, September 17th, in several countries around the world simultaneously, Edward Snowden’s autobiography hit the shelves. Its title is “Permanent Record”. Edward Snowden is an American programmer and former employer of both the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and NSA (National Security Agency) who has already spent five years in Russia where he first came in transit on his way to Latin America, but then settled down after the US government deprived him of his passport.

The reason behind it was that Snowden disclosed the greatest secret: America created a system for digital surveillance with the purpose of hearing anything that is said in phone conversations around the globe and reading any text messages or e-mails. The US intentionally waited for him to get to Moscow, so as to discredit both him and his findings by making it look like he was working with the “evil Russsians”. Of course, no-one sane ever fell for it.

A master of kung fu, an epileptic with an IQ of 145 – Edward Snowden is an unusual person, but you’d expect it would’ve been too much for a 36-year-old to write his memoirs. That is, if it wasn’t for what he had done. If he had stayed in the US, he would have been sentenced in his homeland – 10 years for each page of secret documents and data that he had sent to the media. Considering the fact that he leaked some 1.5 million pages, the sentence would’ve been the absolutely staggering 15,000,000 years!

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