The US FEARS massive conflict with Iran


WASHINGTON DC – US Vice President Mike Pence said the US military is ready to respond to attacks on Saudi refineries.

Mike Pence stated that US military personnel are ready to respond to attacks on Saudi oil facilities. The statement was made during a speech at the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation, located in Washington.

Second vice president, Washington “is analyzing all the data” and consulting allies to determine the best actions in the coming days.

Mike Pence emphasized that if Iran has committed an attack on Saudi refineries to pressure President Donald Trump and force him to retreat, then he will not achieve what he wants.

Radical group in US Congress

Professor at St. Petersburg University Aleksandr Kubyshkin commented on the situation, noting that care should be taken when predicting something.

“Trump, in my opinion, clearly does not want war with Iran… Another thing is that the US Congress now has a very strong anti-Iranian lobby that includes both Democrats and Republicans. And they actively criticize Trump for their very lenient attitude, in their view, with both Iran and North Korea, which the US considers to be ‘rogue countries,'” Kubyshkin said.

According to the professor, John Bolton’s departure from the president’s Homeland Security advisory is to some extent related to this process, as Trump is unable to overcome the resistance of this influential radical group in Congress.

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Iran’s military capabilities

The expert recalled that Trump was against large-scale military intervention abroad, and that the conflict with Iran, if it began, would have unforeseen consequences.

“Iran has significant military resources, including medium-range missiles. However, US military bases are within reach. And the Americans clearly fear a major conflict, which could have unforeseen consequences,” concluded Alexander Kubyshkin.

Attacks on Saudi Refineries

On Saturday night, two Saudi state oil refineries Saudi Aramco were set ablaze by drones and guided missiles. Subsequently, Saudi Arabian Ministry of Defense spokesman Turki al-Maliki said Saudi Aramco’s facilities were attacked by 18 drones and seven cruise missiles.

Houthi Yemeni rebels, against whom the Saudi Arabian-led Arab coalition has been fighting since 2005, took responsibility for the attacks.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wasted no time in accusing Iran of the attacks. Pompeo’s accusation was rebutted by the Iranian Foreign Ministry, which called it a “lie”.

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