The West Needs Putin, But Putin Doesn’t Need the West (VIDEO)


Vladivostok, Russian Federation – United States President Donald Trump took a lot of flak for trying to restore the G8. Many of those who oppose the American President, both among the Democrats and the Republicans took his words as a sign of appeasement and weakness in the wake of a “resurgent” Russia, as they like to say. However, Donald Trump isn’t the only one who wants Russia back to the G8. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the French President Emmanuel Macron also agree with Trump in this regard.

However, when asked whether he thinks Russia should go back to the G8, Vladimir Putin said:

“They’re welcome to restore the G8. But I believe that everybody realizes, and President Macron recently voiced it publicly, that the West is almost done being the leader. I can’t imagine an effective international organization that operates without India and without China. Any formats can be useful, it’s always a positive exchange of opinions, even when the parties are angry.”

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