To understand what’s going on now, see the British struggle to overthrow Gamel Abdel Nasser

When the BBC was still the BBC


A motto for Fort Russ readers: “Prudens est, qui futura ex preteritis providere possit” One is prudent, who can foresee oncoming things from past ones. 

Again and again, we see that in the western MSM, a “fascist dictator” is a leader who desires 1) to throw off the yoke of colonialism, and 2) to have the resources of his own country benefit his own country, not your country.

Now, when the US is attempting economic war on Venezuela and Iran, and economic and shooting war on Syria, it clarifies matters to see, as this documentary reveals, the economic and then shooting war on Egypt, as Egypt attempted to modernize and upgrade the life of its citizens.

When the West’s economic war against Egypt led Gamel Abdel Nasser to acquire the transit fees from the canal that transited his country, push came to shove. He nationalized the Suez Canal. And what was the reaction of the British Prime Minister? “We all know this is how fascist dictators behave.”

Watch this old BBC documentary and see how the still-colonial powers behave. It gives a better understanding of what is going on today. In modern terms, if you’ve already seen this movie, you know how it’s going to wind up. Prudence is the skill of seeing forward. A contraction of pro “forward” and seeing “videre.” No better definition of prudence exists than given by Pliny the Younger. Here is the defining passage:

“but, as I often say, I’m waiting for Mauritius. The guy is heavy, prudent, learned from living through so much and who can foresee [providere] future things from past events.”

[Verum, ut idem saepius dicam, exspecto Mauricum. Vir est gravis prudens, multis experimentis eruditus et qui futura possit ex praeteritis providere.]

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