Ukrainian president claims Trump promised help to ‘recover’ Crimea


KIEV – Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky announced that during a bilateral meeting Trump promised help to get Crimea back.

“It seems to me, and I heard that, that he agrees that [Crimea] is our territory and that we will get it back. He [Trump] said, ‘Yes, you need to work on it, and we will help you,'”Zelensky said to the UNIAN news agency.

The Ukrainian president added that he told Trump about “the beautiful place that is Crimea”.

Crimea Question

The Crimean peninsula reunited with Russia in 2014 following a referendum in which over 90% of residents voted for reunification.

However, Kiev still considers the Crimea as Ukrainian territory.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly pointed out that the reunification took place legally in accordance with international law.

On June 15, 2017 Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if Crimea is threatened, Russia will defend it with all its means.

“If we perceive a threat to our territory, and Crimea is our territory, like the whole state, we will defend it with all the means we have at our disposal,” said the Russian leader in an interview with US director Oliver Stone.

Putin explained that “after the Crimea became fully part of Russia, our attitude towards Russia changed radically.”

The Crimea peninsula was incorporated into Russia in March 2014 after a referendum on reunification of the territory: 97% of voters supported the cause.

The documentary “Interview with Putin”, which was broadcasted into four episodes between June 12 and 15 of 2017, was shot after two years as planned.

In other documentaries, Oliver Stone interviewed other world leaders, such as Hugo Chávez in “Mi amigo Hugo” and Fidel Castro in “Looking for Fidel”.

The director is known for addressing in his works political themes. His filmography includes themes such as the Vietnam War “Platoon” and American political figures Kennedy in “JFK” and Richard Nixon in “Nixon”.

In 2016, Stone released the film about former US intelligence services agent Edward Snowden, who currently lives in Russia.

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