Uncle Sam’s Missiles Fail Saudi Arabia, Patriot System Not Designed To Tackle Drones (VIDEO)


WASHINGTON/RIYADH – The “sole” superpower’s entire global strategy has just been sent to the dustbin of history. And it was done in the most trivial way possible. Relatively simple ultra-low-speed drones soundly defeated America’s premier air defense system. Billions of dollars Saudi Arabia spent on US air defense systems have been turned into a heap of worthless scrap metal. And it was done by people who have been bombed and starved to death in the last half a decade. Saudi Arabia, with its $82.9 billion military budget, surpassed only by that of US and China, and ahead of such giants like Russia and India, has been getting pounded by Houthis.

Of course, Iran was the first to be blamed for the attack. The Russian MFA urged Saudis and Americans not to make premature conclusions without a thorough investigation, not to hold anyone responsible in advance, and especially not to use any “adverse news” from the Middle East to put pressure on Tehran. Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov shares this point of view. At the same time, there’s fresh news from American media referring to some sources in the Pentagon. They say that the lack of facts didn’t prevent the U.S. from planning a full-fledged military operation against the Islamic republic.

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