US Army plans to buy Kalashnikov automatic rifle imitations

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WASHINGTON DC – The US Army plans to buy five models of the Kalashnikov automatic rifle simulating its firing, media reports.

It is indicated that the purchase is made as part of the supply of training equipment.

“Five sets of simulations of AK-47 shooting assault rifles with small oxygen and propane cylinders to simulate small arms,” says the request text, quoted by the RT channel.

Models that mimic rifles should also be accompanied by control means and a carrier for carrying the gas cylinders in the backpack.

Also included in the list of acquisitions required under the same purchase, two facilities for imitation of explosions. An online auction is planned for the purchase of these weapons.

Previous Orders

Previously, the Pentagon had placed an order to buy Russian weapons supplies.

In March, it became known that the US Air Force was looking for a possibility to develop air targets capable of simulating the Russian Su-57 fighter plane and the Chinese J-20 and FC-31.

It was reported in May by RT that the U.S. Department of Defense has placed an application for the purchase of stocks for weapons that are not used in NATO, including for a Kalashnikov assault rifle, Tokarev and Makarov pistols.

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It was reported in a Defense Blog.

The list published by the publication also includes cartridges for machine guns PKM, PKT, DShK and YakB.

As noted, the defense department needs to analyze the market for suppliers for the further purchase of ammunition and its shipment “outside the continental United States.”

Previously, the Pentagon confirmed information about the deployment of Patriot air defense systems in the Middle East.

The United States intends to deploy additional Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) and an Arlington warship in the Middle East. This is reported by CNN with reference to the Pentagon statement.

“The acting Secretary of Defense has approved the transfer of USS Arlington and Patriot air defense systems to the US Central Command as part of the initial command request earlier this week,” the text says.

Earlier media reported that Acting US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan approved the additional deployment of Patriot air defense systems in the Middle East.

It was noted that this step is due to the fact that the United States sees a “growing threat” from Iran.

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