US official predicts robots will determine who will live and die in future wars

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WASHINGTON DC – US military personnel are eyeing the use of rapidly developing multi-level artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in the near future.

In particular, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has opened a tender to develop artificial intelligence technology that could help create new weapon systems.

“Robot doctors” using AI could help doctors better distribute the aid they are administering to wounded soldiers and how best to use scarce resources on the battlefield, said Col. Jerome Buller, chief of the US Army Surgical Research Institute. USA, in an interview published by the Daily Star.

Buller developed the idea by saying that this AI will replace doctors’ intuition by determining which injuries the doctor should treat first.

The technology will likely be using a set of devices to monitor each soldier’s condition, how he recovers from injuries, as well as each soldier’s clinical data before combat to make a decision on behalf of medical personnel.

Controversial side of technology

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There is a controversial side to this, as this technology will be crucial for the doctor to decide which patients are already beyond salvation and should not receive medical care. Buller believes that this way would be easier for doctors.

Buller noted that such a system is not yet in US Army plans, but may be in the future when it needs to take advantage of an upcoming potential adversary, a term often used by US officials against countries like China or Russia.

He added that some of the technologies for such AI healthcare systems already exist, but could be improved, such as the pulse oximeter interface, which can determine a person’s blood oxygen saturation.

This is not the first time the US has looked at the use of artificial intelligence technologies, which have been developing rapidly in the military sphere in recent times. Pentagon DARPA recently announced that it is looking to develop an AI system that will help US engineers test new weapons more accurately and faster than they currently are.

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