US Representative to Venezuela comments on possible war with Venezuela


WASHINGTON DC – Elliott Abrams, US diplomat and his country’s representative for Venezuela, said all possibilities are considered in relation to the Caribbean country.

Since the beginning of the year, tensions between Washington and Caracas have grown considerably after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro began his second term. New sanctions were imposed on the country, while US reconnaissance aircraft were detected near or within the Venezuelan air traffic control zone.

During a briefing on Venezuela, US diplomat and representative for the Caribbean country, Elliott Abrams, commented on Washington’s plans regarding Caracas.

“at some point, we will have to explore the possibilities [of] which retaliatory measures we can apply to Rosneft,” said Abrams.

Just in June, the US diplomat had said that his country had not yet removed from his agenda the military option against Maduro. Abrams’s words were reinforced by the statement by US National Security Adviser John Bolton that his country was considering all options.

In April, the American channel CNN published the Pentagon was developing new military solutions to combat the influence of China, Russia and Cuba on the Maduro government.

Civil War Risk

Several times Moscow has protested against American policy towards Venezuela. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the use of force against Venezuela would be “a disgrace for all Latin America, for the entire Caribbean.”

In addition, Lavrov warned that armed intervention could lead to civil war.

US Special Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams said during a telephone briefing broadcast in Brussels that the US may put further sanctions on Russia for its relations with Venezuela.

“Yes, the United States may impose sanctions on Rosneft [for activities in Venezuela], but we are not there yet,” he said responding to a relevant question.

“I think Rosneft makes a lot of money in Venezuela. I believe that they buy crude oil in Venezuela at a great discount, sell final products to them, such as fuel oil, kerosene, gasoline. They help Venezuela, but they suck it dry and make money from it. At some point, we will have to explore the possibilities, which retaliatory measures we can apply to Rosneft,” he elaborated.

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