US Steps Up Attempts to Torpedo Nord Stream 2 (VIDEO)


MOSCOW – The United States of America is determined to stop the Nord Stream 2. With Ukraine being a highly unstable transit country for the Russian natural gas exports to Europe, Russia embarked on an ambitious project of building two massive pipelines. The first, Nord Stream is already completed, and what’s more, German companies have been keen on doubling the deliveries. This led to Nord Stream 2.

The second project, South Stream, was torpedoed by US puppets in Bulgaria but was soon redesigned and restarted, and is now known as the Turk Stream. The US has been very frustrated by these developments. So, Ted Cruz, a US senator is pushing for legislation targeting companies that cooperate with Russia, determined to stop Russian gas projects.

“John McCain once described Russia as a gas station with a country attached. If the pipeline is built, it’ll make Putin rich and harm Europe and America. It’ll make Europe even more dependent on Russia,” he stated.

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