Venezuela celebrates resignation of ‘one of America’s favorite hawks’

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CARACAS – Venezuelan National Constituent Assembly President Diosdado Cabello celebrated the departure of “one of the [US’] favorite hawks,” John Bolton, the now former White House National Security advisor.

US President Donald Trump acknowledged that Bolton was out of line in his attitude towards Venezuela.

“#BoltonEstasBoted imperialism says goodbye through the back door to one of their favorite hawks to make war in the world, our country resisted all its attacks and we still stood. You messed with Venezuela and now you dry up, we told you We will win!” said Cabello in a tweet.

For Cabello the same fate awaits those who obeyed the instructions of the former advisor in Venezuela.

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“#BoltonEstasBotado It is the harsh reality, if you do not serve to fulfill the orders of the imperial chiefs, they throw you away, they reject you, that is what is going to happen with their lackeys in Venezuela, they lied to Bolton and he ended up dismissed. Let them know, whatever happens, we will win!” he said in another tweet.

Since the beginning of this year, Venezuela has been in a serious political, economic and social crisis that has worsened greatly when Maduro began his new term as illegitimate by the opposition, and the US decided to support the self-proclamation of parliamentary president Juan Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela.

From that point on, Washington has intensified sanctions against senior officials in Maduro’s government and has adopted commercial and financial punitive measures that affect the extraction and exportation of oil, Venezuela’s main economic activity.

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