WAR CRIMES: Despite Peace Talks Ukraine Continues Attacking Donbass, Fires 50 Artillery Shells in a Single Day (VIDEO)

Special thanks to the Hero of Donbass, Russell Bentley


DONBASS – Who runs Ukraine? This is one of the big questions of our age.  Since it gained “independence” in 1991, Ukraine has been a target of cronies, criminals or simply downright despicable people, both domestic and foreign. The country is an epitome of how a collapse looks like. However, this isn’t the only thing modern Ukraine is (in)famous for.

There are two more things: Nazis and shelling. In the past 24 hours, Ukrainian forces conducted an intensive shelling of the western suburbs of Donetsk. It was reported by the republic’s People’s Militia. It is estimated that at least 50 shells struck the city. Some of the shells hit residential buildings, causing fires and forcing people to leave their homes.

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You won’t see the Western mainstream media showing pictures of the children of Donbass under constant shelling, because they are too busy doing PR stunts with Western children screaming how “their childhood is lost” because some iceberg 10,000 miles to the south is melting away

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