Western Media Still Lying About ‘Peaceful Protesters’ and Covering For Violent Neoliberal Extremists (VIDEO)


MOSCOW – September 10 was Election Day, the culmination of the election campaign. But there was a parallel process – street protests in the capital, timed to coincide with the elections to the Moscow City Duma. At first, the cause was that several candidates were refused registration due to a large number of frauds in the signature sheets

After the CEC dealt with each case in a detailed, public, and demonstrative manner online, the topic of non-registration became a disadvantageous item on the protest agenda. And the topic of non-registration quietly went away. Then they began to hold street non-authorized protests against alleged police brutality, some “political repressions”, and in defense of those arrested.

The protests in Moscow are getting a lot of coverage in the Western media. The rallies have been covered by the most prominent media in the West and what’s symptomatic of their coverage is showing the protests as if Putin might fall any minute now. In reality, the number of protesters is much, much less than “tens of thousands” as claimed in the West. And even if there really were 100,000 people in the streets, that’s on a level of a statistical error in a city with a population of 13,000,000.

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