Winter is Coming, Yet Ukraine’s Suicidal NYET to Russian Gas Supplies Endangers EU (VIDEO)


MOSCOW/BRUSSELS/KIEV – The date and place of Russia-Ukraine-European Union gas negotiations have come to light today. They will be in Brussels on September 19th. The contract for Russian gas transit to the EU expires on December 31st. For the European Union countries to keep warm during winter, new agreements are urgently needed. In a conversation with the president today, the Gazprom CEO outlined the conditions under which Ukrainian consumers may get a significant discount.

Still, Ukrainian officials reiterated there is still a possibility of a complete halt of Russian natural gas transit through Ukrainian territory starting from January 1. The preposterously low personal income of the average citizens of Ukraine puts them at great risk when it comes to gas supplies, given the fact that Ukraine has been at the bottom of the European personal income list, especially since the Western-backed coup in 2014. Due to this, President Putin has instructed Gazprom to lower the price for Ukrainian citizens. Yet, Ukrainian officials insist on the possibility of halting the gas supplies entirely, putting tens of millions of Ukrainians at risk.

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