WWII Anniversary Highlights – Historical Revisionism and Russophobia as Rampant as Ever (VIDEO)


WARSAW – The 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II is over. Historical revisionism and Russophobia were as rampant as ever. The Russian delegation was absent, as well as those of other crucial antifascist countries, like Serbia and Belarus. However, what wasn’t absent were completely disgusting analogies the host made, comparing Russia to Nazi Germany, albeit never directly, but still implying it quite clearly.

Around 600,000 Soviet soldiers died fighting Nazism and liberating Poland from their murderous oppressors, putting an end to the Nazi killing spree, which stopped at 6 million Polish citizens killed (over 20% of the population) and only due to the unimaginable war efforts of the Red Army. And now, those efforts are being denigrated and put on par with the Nazi aggressor. No government system is perfect but despite its many flaws, comparing communism to Nazi oppression and genocide is immoral at best. But still, this is exactly what has been going on for quite some time, and especially in Eastern Europe, which was an area that suffered the most under Nazi rule.

This is the shameful statement of Andrzej Duda, president of Poland:

“We’ve recently been observing the return of imperialistic trends in Europe, aggressive attempts to forcefully alter the borders of countries, which involves capturing territories and people. Ignoring the problem isn’t a way to preserve peace. It’s a way to increase aggression. It’s a way of enabling further attacks.”

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