Yes, thank you Friends! Fort Russ News is Succeeding in its Mission

A Letter from the Editor


By Joaquin Flores

Millions upon millions of citizens in western countries are waking up to the fact that the legacy media companies like the BBC, the New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC and CNN are in the dirty, nasty, truly despicable business of lying to people in order to maintain the present and entirely unjust order of things.

These lies are really shown for what they are when there’s something to contrast these to: the rest of the story.

Fort Russ News is humbled that its been able to play its role in getting the rest of the story out there to the public. While we know there’s more we can do, and we continue to aim to do better, we are doing everything we can with what we have.

We receive a lot of supportive emails from readers, and I have to say – it only takes a little bit of encouragement to know we are doing something important that is making a difference.

A reader wrote in the other day and commended our work, but also expressed some bewilderment: how do we manage to stay in this fight? And while they rhetorically wondered how we are able to do it, what is really being asked is why we do it. Because the why really predicates the how.

Of course the how part should be self-evident: total dedication, really fanatical levels of it. So really it begs the question, why do we do it? It would have to be something that inspires that level of dedication.

The truth is, we’ve seen it makes a difference, a huge difference. Speaking truth to power and doing genuine analysis and citizen journalism is mandatory work for a free people and for a just society.

The most amazing thing is, despite the  censorship we face – the shadowbans, the deplatforming, the economic sabotage and even attempts to derail our work through direct infiltration – we’re winning.

We are winning because of our total dedication, armed with truth on our side, and being keenly attuned to the new paradigm emerging. It helps immensely that the US Empire has, for the most part, run out of steam.

In Syria, in Venezuela, in Iraq and Iran, in Ukraine and the Donbass – all of the US’s greatest endeavors have fallen flat on their face. Our ‘biggest crime’ has been to report accurately on these, and to explain things in a way that’s rich in context and history, so that the real dynamics of what’s going on can be understood and popularized.

It’s your sharing our articles, and writing us just to say ‘keep at it!’, that keeps us going. The Multipolar Revolution is succeeding. This chapter is far from the end of the story, but it was an immense hurdle and it appears we’ve already leaped it. When you’ve seen fit, and other times when we’ve made the ask, you’ve contributed. This has gone a very long way as well.

Yes, they can smack Fort Russ News over the head: they control Google, Twitter, Facebook and so on. They can fiddle with algorithms so you don’t see our stories as you should, as you want to. They actively allow the Atlantic Council news network of WaPo, NYT, Vice News and the rest, to engage in fake news, lies, distortions, and the promotion of wars and conflicts. This makes their entire anti ‘fake news’ campaign a hypocritical sham, and a term they appropriated from citizen journalism outlets who quite rightly have been calling them the fake news that indeed they are.

Fake researchers and fake journalists from ostensibly ‘respectable’ institutions like Columbia and Boston University contact us to get our active consent so they may write hit-pieces about us. It’s easy to suss them out – you look at their own twitter and social media activity, and it’s purely retweets of Atlantic Council news – WaPo, NYT, Vice News.

This indeed brings about some degree of sadness to our team, because the ‘foot-soldier’ people doing this are after all human beings, and in a strange twist on the reality of the human condition, actually believe they are doing something ‘good’.

And while the victims of these war crimes and crimes against humanity which these ‘well intentioned’ fake researchers and fake journalists wind up supporting, are by far the ones worthy of our active support and critical attention, the folks being brought in to work for the forces of darkness and wars are doing so on some convoluted basis that they are fighting for progress and ‘freedom’.

Within progressive ideology was always elitism, and yet it’s been a continual and ongoing problem that the so-called radical left has tried to attach themselves to this term. These are among the reasons we now that we are on the precipice of a paradigm shift, moving beyond the stale and useless categories of left and right.

In progressive ideology, at least its most popular manifestation among these ostensibly progressive institutions, it is the elite and the institutions that are the guiding and civilizing light, and so all of the ‘bad and reactionary’ things in the world are the product of the ignorance and backwardness inherent in the meek, the poor, and disenfranchised. While its true that certain social vices are stereotypically attributed to the poor and disenfranchised, these vices are in no way the cause of the policies of austerity and war – policies and practices which people of good conscience actively work to fight against. And more often than not, the meek and the disenfranchised – not being corrupted by prestige, wealth and power – are pious and good people, and very often people of faith.

But in this bizarre, upside down ‘progressive’ world, it is the very same financial interests who are banking on globalization, war, and soft-power schemes to seize control foreign lands and sovereign peoples, that magically have some interest in promoting ‘tolerance, progress, rule of law, democracy, transparency, human rights, and the rights of women and girls’.

The real wars that they and their media and academic institutions in fact produce, are the main cause of the deterioration of all of these things, however. And they actively lie about what’s going on, and their role in it. This is why Fort Russ News is in the fight. These institutions are doing amounts to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

You read, for example, Vice News’ coverage on Ukraine: they appear to express concern about the rise of neo-Nazism in Ukraine, mention the rise of the Azov Battalion and the National Corps – that there’s fighting in the east of the country and that neo-Nazis are flocking there to fight. They mention there’s pro-Russian self-declared break-away republics – it’s fomenting and fostering radicalism. Not once is it mentioned that the named neo-Nazi groups are fighting on the side placed in power by the US, or even that they fight on the side of Kiev. They lead the reader to believe that perhaps these neo-Nazi groups are on the pro-Russian side. After all, Putin is a far-right guy, right? And he’s a man, which is in itself somehow symbolic of Russia’s misogynistic culture. Russia also has a standing army, thereby making it militaristic, as they are the only country in the world to maintain such. So it all makes sense to the reader this way, though in truth they are being actively lied to.

Setting that record straight is a big part of ‘why’ we are in this fight. We know that arming the public with the rest of the story has absolutely frustrated the efforts of the vested interests, of the powers that be.

For us it’s very simple. Wars kill people, and elective warfare and wars for profit and power are the least justifiable type of war, in fact they are entirely unjustifiable in any case. The people who die were murdered, and the people doing the killing are murderers.

The institutions – academic, media, governmental which advocate or defend these wars in their various ways, often cloaked or couched in terms of ‘human rights’ or ‘responsibility to protect’ – are in fact guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Despite all this, people are seeing through the lies, and are embracing a positive vision for a future that is indeed very realizable. There will be more trials and tribulations to come, but staying in the fight itself is a meaningful and righteous act. We here at FRN are moved by something more, something deeper which keeps us here in the fight, and it extends to the arena of mystery, faith, submission, and the sheer and utter majesty of existence itself.

Thank you readers, truly and deeply, we thank you with everything we can muster. Our commitment is to continue to deliver, and meet – and on the best of days surpass – your expectations and our obligations to bring a little bit of light to the darkest corners.





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