4 Years Later – How Russian Intervention in Syria Saved the Country (VIDEO)


DAMASCUS – September 30 marked the fourth anniversary of the Federation Council’s approval granted to President Vladimir Putin to use the Russian Armed Forces abroad. It was a move of crucial importance for Syria, which at that moment was torn to pieces by terrorists from the barbarian caliphate, the armed opposition, and various armed gangs. The Americans also had their interests in Syria. They demanded the immediate resignation of the legitimate president, Bashar Assad.

Unlike the U.S., whose armed forces began to bomb Syria without UN sanction or any other legal basis, the Russian Armed Forces began the operation only after receiving an official invitation from the only legitimate Syrian authorities and in a timely fashion. If they had waited for a few weeks, the black flag of ISIS terrorists would have flown over Damascus. The war in Syria is now almost over. Not-yet-destroyed militants remain only in the province of Idlib.

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