A SIGHT TO BEHOLD: Fleeing American Occupiers Meet Syrian Army Troops (VIDEO)


DAMASCUS – The US soldiers retreating from the Kurdish-held town of Ein Al-Arab (Kobani) moved past the Syrian army troops rushing to the town to protect it from the Turkish-led offensive, creating a scene. The short clip from the scene shows a US military convoy of several armored vehicles leaving the border town of Kobani, as a Syrian military unit is seen heading towards the strategic town. 

RT’s video agency Ruptly managed to snap a rare shot at a highway between northern Syrian towns of al-Tabqah and Kobani, as getting American and Syrian government forces into a single image is quite a difficult task. It was not immediately clear if the servicemen somehow reacted to seeing one another, as both parties seemed to be in a rush.

“Freedom and democracy” finally give way to sanity

Syrian government troops have entered several Kurdish-held towns after Damascus sent its troops to confront the Turkish Army and Ankara-backed militants that are carrying out a military operation against Kurdish militias in the northern part of the war-torn country. The Kurds have announced that an agreement has been reached with Damascus for the Syrian government troops to be deployed along the border with Turkey.

On Sunday, US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper declared that Washington is planning to evacuate about 1,000 troops from northern Syria, days after the Turkish Army and Ankara-backed militants launched a military operation against Kurdish militias. Later, President Donald Trump stressed that Washington won’t take sides in the conflict between Turkey and the Kurds in the Arab country, ordering an urgent evacuation of the remaining US troops from northern Syria.

Damascus has repeatedly reiterated that any foreign troops in Syria are regarded as an occupying force and the Syrian government has the right to take all the needed measures to confront it. In recent years, several reports revealed Takfiri terrorist groups are being provided with advanced weapons and huge amounts of cash by the former and current US administration in Syria for the now-disappeared “Assad Must Go” aim. The government of President Bashar al-Assad has for several times stressed that “every inch” of the Syrian territory will be liberated from terrorists.

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