Another potential buyer of the 5th generation Russian Su-57 fighters pointed out

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MYANMAR – Military Watch has written about the possibility of Myanmar becoming the unexpected new buyer of Southeast Asian fifth-generation Su-57 fighters.

According to the portal, Russia had a “drastic increase” in orders for fifth-generation Su-57 fighters throughout 2019.

“Planning to launch more than 70 fighters by 2025 and opening lines for mass production in July 2019, Moscow also actively sought to obtain Su-57 fighter export orders to help subsidize large-scale production costs,” it is said in the publication.

Military Watch also wrote that, thanks to the unique features of the Su-57, which allow it to operate effectively both as a fighter plane and for maritime purposes, Algeria, Vietnam, India, China and Turkey showed great interest in the aircraft.

But not only the countries mentioned above would be on the list of potent buyers of the brand new Russian fighter. According to media, Myanmar would be another potential buyer of Russian fighters.

It is noteworthy that the sale of Su-57 fighters to Myanmar would be driven by defense ties, which are gaining strength between Russia and Myanmar. Moreover, Myanmar’s ambassador to Russia, Ko Ko Shein, would have shown interest in the brand new fighters recently.

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Russian planes

Part of Myanmar’s aviation consists of Russian MiG-29 light fighters. But the Myanmar Air Force modernization program calls for heavy fighters to emerge.

In 2018, Myanmar ordered six Su-30SM from Russia and would have ordered more. To position itself in the region with height fighter jets, Myanmar could choose to purchase the Su-57, which is considered the most promising fighter jet today.

the Su-57’s primary role is to create an exceptional air superiority platform with the ability to threaten high-value high-flying air targets, maneuverability, and anti-stealth weapon acquisition tools.

With these features, the Su-57 does not require large stealth and various smart devices. Russian air combat doctrine is more interested in facing stealth aircraft than in deploying its own. Therefore, the Su-57 has the technical potential to be the best solution for Russia’s strategic needs.

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