Austrians Not Impressed by Fake Ibiza-gate, Kurz Wins Anyway (VIDEO)


VIENNA – The so-called Ibiza-gate doesn’t mean anything to up to 70% of Austrians. This is what the Vienna-based Kurier had for an answer to the surprised reactions of their foreign colleagues. How could Chancellor Kurz, who was technically evicted from his post, be reinstated to his prime minister’s chair in just four months after a scandal at a Spanish resort? According to the polls, the answer is obvious. The voters didn’t believe in the image-undermining provocation and gave Kurz’s Austrian People’s Party 38% of the votes.

Despite being an EU member state, Austria has wisely kept its neutrality. One of the rare EU countries which are not in NATO, Austria has even been pushing for an EU-Russia dialogue, with the aim of defusing the tense relations between Russia and the Bloc. The Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) has been quite critical towards some of the EU-imposed rules, especially in regards to the immigration policies of the liberal-dominated EU establishment.

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