BREAKING: Evo Morales declares state of emergency in Bolivia because of coup attempt


LA PAZ – The Bolivian government has called on the EU and the OAS to check the ballot box across the country following allegations of opposition fraud, which it called a “coup d’état” process.

The Bolivian President , Evo Morales, said that his country is suffering a coup process, coordinated by right and with international support.

“I report to the Bolivian people and the world in process a coup d’état that was prepared by the right with international support. I appeal to international organizations to defend democracy,” said the Bolivian leader.

“We will not seek confrontation, but we will defend democracy,” he emphasized.

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According to Morales, he declared a state of emergency, albeit without defining its scope, while calling on society to respond peacefully, as well as calling on the international community to defend Bolivian democracy.

“I understand the despair of the Bolivian right that does not want to recognize the triumph of the indigenous vote, as it has never recognized in the past,” said Morales, trusting the official election result and saying that he would win in the first round, as indeed happened.

Evo Morales won the first round elections with 46.86% of the votes, while his opponent Carlos Mesa won 36.74%.

The Organization of American States (OAS) has requested explanations from the Bolivian Supreme Electoral Court about the interruption of transmission of preliminary results yesterday evening. The Electoral Observation Mission has 92 observers and follows the elections in Bolivia and the process of publication of results. But this is just a wider assault against the Leftist.

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