Confessions of Maidan snipers

By Darrol

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By Darrol – Some historical facts emerge sooner than others.  The snipers who started the final stage of the coup in Kiev, Feb. 18-20, 2014, by shooting 210 police officers and 70 demonstrators (though the article says only “dozens”), have come forth and given testimony in court.  In neutral Belarus.  The snipers came from the Georgian Republic, brought in by Saakashvili, they did their dirty work and were then whisked out of Ukraine.  The snipers were not paid for their dirty work, but more importantly for them, ‘It is the death of six of their colleagues in mysterious circumstances, who was involved in the events of February 2014. Thus, the remaining witnesses are going to protect themselves.”  This is from

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An American military officer supervised the snipers. “…snipers were instructed by a former American soldier Christopher Brian.”  A pseudonym, no doubt.

Mikheil Saakashvili is still living in Kiev.  He was created by George Soros for the 2003 “Rose Revolution” which brought Saakashvili to power in Georgia.  Wikipedia claims the Rose Revolution was “bloodless”, but I know he murdered opposition politicians and journalists alike, after getting into office.  So this mass murder put Soros fingerprints on the Maidan coup.  We can leave aside the famous attack on South Ossetia of 8-08-2008, which many people say marked the turning point of the conflict between the Empire and Russia.  The Georgian army started the war; the Russians ended it in 3 days.  It took years to get the murderous Saakashvili out of the presidential office and then this supposed “Georgian nationalist” trudged off to Ukraine for his next Soros assignment.

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The snipers pointed fingers at Andriy Parubiy as also responsible. He is the top Ukrainian Nazi since 1991.  2016-2019, he was Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian parliament.  A very big fish!  When I say Nazi, that is precise.  His National-Socialist Party (later rebranded as Svoboda Party) was the same old OUN-B from the days of Nazi occupation, having a short line of succession from Stepan Bandera to Yaroslav Stetsko, and then his widow, Slava Stetsko.

For details proving Parubiy’s party is exactly Nazi, no more and no less, here’s a very good link.  It also details how the US protected these Nazis even though the OUN-OPA murdered millions of people – Jews, Poles and Russians:

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