‘Cyber ​​Troop Veteran’: Why did a British General Report ‘WAR’ against Russia?

BEIJING, CHINA - NOVEMBER 9: The U.S. flag flies at a welcoming ceremony between Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Donald Trump November 9, 2017 in Beijing, China. Trump is on a 10-day trip to Asia. (Photo by Thomas Peter-Pool/Getty Images)
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LONDON – UK Defense Chief of Staff Nick Carter said his country is at war every day due to constant cyber attacks from Russia and other countries.

In a speech on Sunday at the Cliveden Literary Festival, which was also attended by retired American general and former CIA director David Petraeus, General Carter stated that “the changing character of warfare has exposed the distinctions that don’t exist any longer between peace and war.”

“I feel I am now at war, but it’s not a war in the way we would have defined it in the past. And that is because great power competition and the battle of ideas with non-state actors is threatening us on a daily basis,” he said.

Carter referred to Russia and China’s alleged interpretation of the rules governing international engagement. According to the British general, this Sino-Russian interpretation would be threatening “the ethical and legal basis on which we apply the rule of armed conflict.”

According to the British general, “Russia is much more of a threat today than it was five years ago.”

“The character of warfare is evolving… there’s a debate we need to have about what does the future of warfare look like,” Carter said, insisting that the traditional concept of war only on land, sea and air is already outdated.

Answer from Russian diplomats

The press office of the Russian embassy in London pointed out that British defense structures present non-existent threats to justify increasing budgets.

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“The rhetoric of the British military commander is worrisome. In fact, he decrees that under modern conditions the usual line between war and peace is being erased, and he himself ‘feels in a war’ because of ‘increased competition between the world powers and the struggle of ideas between countries and non-state agents’,” replied the Russian embassy.

Political scientist Pavel Feldman said the statement of the British general, who, according to Feldman, should think better of what he says.

“Our foreign ministry and some of its structures are doing the right thing, leaving no aggressive attack on our country without an answer. And any aggressive statement, false and unfounded accusation, is followed by a very clear explanation, which, I think will sober General Carter to the point of having him rethink the next time he speaks,” Pavel Feldman said.

Would I miss real war?

In Feldman’s opinion, many perpetrators of aggressive statements simply do not realize the price of those words, and because there is simply no threat of a war threatening the UK and other Western countries today, generals like Carter frankly miss real war.

“General Carter takes every opportunity to remind himself of its existence and that it would be good to invest more money in Defense. People who allow themselves this type of aggressive attacks do not realize the price of their words […] Carter is probably jealous of his colleagues who are now waging a ‘hot war’ in the Middle East […] Maybe he wants to get the title of ‘cyber veteran veteran’ or say he was wounded on the cyber front,” he added.

Previously, the United Kingdom created a division of “opposition” to Russia on social networks. As The Telegraph wrote, the so-called Sixth Division was designed to influence public opinion and opponents of the United Kingdom by “specializing” in the information war.

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