Enraged Kurds Stone Fleeing US Troops (VIDEOS)


DAMASCUS – Scores of the Kurdish population lined up along a road used by the American forces to withdraw from Northern Syria, cursing them as cowards and traitors.

Last night, some Syrian Kurd activists gathered along a path used by an American military convoy which was retreating from Northern Syria to stage a protest against the decision of US President Donald Trump to leave them alone in the face of the Turkish onslaught.

North Press Agency (NPA), affiliated with Kurdish paramilitaries, released a video of the protest, and reported that the protesters held hand-written placards which read, “You betrayed the Kurds, and the posterity will condemn you with cursing and damnation.”

The video also shows that the furious protesters pelt the US convoy with rotten fruits and stones.

“Tell your children that you left the Kurds alone to be killed,” another placard read.

Meanwhile, the video shows that the American convoy keeps moving out of Syria regardless of the protests.


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