EU Extends Russian Sanctions While Saudis Invest 2 Billion Dollars in Russia (VIDEOS)


MOSCOW/BRUSSELS/RIYADH – The European Union extended anti-Russia sanctions connected to the Skripal case for another year. Foreign experts calculated what it costs the Western countries to oppose Russia this way. They believe that, by the time when the sanctions war is over at last, European imports will have to deal with tough competition from the local producers. Still, the suicidal policies of the neoliberal-dominated EU continue unabated.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is injecting two billion dollars of immediate investments into the Russian economy and general projects designed for decades to come. This is the outcome of Vladimir Putin’s visit to Saudi Arabia today. His negotiations with King Salman are a new starting point not only for the two countries but the entire Middle East. The richest and one of the most influential states in the region no longer relies on Washington alone. Its desire to develop ties with Moscow was manifested today in literally every detail of the protocol.

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