Ex MP tells Ukrainian youth not to go fight

Crippled veterans are basically on their own



Alexey Zhuravko, ex-deputy of the Rada, urges Ukrainians to refuse to participate in the hostilities in the Donbass, because the money Kiev pays for it is not worth the lives and health.
“You get yourself crippled or maimed, come back armless, legless, useless to anyone, and the state will not help you,” the politician said in his video message circulated on the social network
Being an invalid with a first-class disability since childhood, Alexey Zhuravko knows how the former Ukraine, before the coup in 2014, helped people with disabilities.
“The state helped me with prosthetics, it gave me everything necessary for me to survive. But nobody needs you today. What are you fighting for? I’m scared that my state is now crippling the people’s future. You go to this damned war, kill our brothers. What for? You come back without arms and without legs and shout “Glory to Ukraine!”, Only nobody needs you,” the ex-deputy of the Rada said in his address to compatriots.
In the same video, Zhuravko showed shocking photographs of Ukrainian servicemen who returned from Donbass with disabilities. According to the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the V and VI convocations, in total, since the start of the civil war in Ukraine, 60 thousand youths and men have become disabled.
“This is the data of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine from 2014 to 2019. And I’m sure that the figure of 60 thousand new disabled people by Ukrainian officials is greatly underestimated,” said Alexey Zhuravko in a comment to the Federal News Agency. – “Moreover, the state refuses to help these guys who have received disabilities, doing their duty to the country, as they were told, sending them to Donbass. This is a real tragedy! ”
Zhuravko told FAN that he knew dozens of sad stories when the future of young guys was broken after wounds in the Donbass, due to the fact that the Ukrainian authorities refuse to help them.
“I know many who have been refused a disability pension, treatment, prosthetics, and other social support measures. People are offered to either survive on their own or die, and there is nothing to maintain the surviving cannon fodder, Zhuravko said.
– I know, for example, a former ATO worker who returned from a fratricidal war without a leg, and he was refused rehabilitation because he went to fight allegedly voluntarily. And I know VSUshnik from Nikolaev, who was blown up by a mine in the Donbass, where he got called up, roughly speaking – against his will. He has been hit by fragments in both kidneys, the lungs, and spine. He cannot walk and has lost the sight of one eye. But he was given a second class disability instead of the first – to pay less.”
The former Ukrainian parliamentarian emphasized that Kiev has no money to pay pensions to war invalids in the Donbass or to provide other services that are prescribed by law. In his opinion, the bleak examples of former combatants in the Donbass should discourage young people from following in their footsteps – at least for money, at least on appeal.
“If everyone changes their minds and refuses to continue what Poroshenko and Turchinov started, then the bloodshed will stop. I ask you to change your mind, Ukrainians,” added Zhuravko

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