Fifth Anniversary of the Battle for Lugansk (DOCUMENTARY)


DONBASS – The year 2014 was a turning point for millions of residents of Donbass. It was also special for the hundreds of thousands of Lugansk residents to whom the war had come. The city with a difficult history was taken aback by the horror of fierce battles, siege, famine, lack of light and water. Lugansk felt the breath of death, which fans of fragments from artillery shells streamed through the once cozy, but at that time deadening streets. A city that showed character was forced to fight for its life in the most literal sense

After more than 5 years, those same terrible days still smolder in the hearts of thousands of people. They remember the tired streets of the city, despair and fear, they remember horror and emptiness, but they remember the thousands of living hearts that could not only defend their home but also maintain the warm feelings of something humane. This film will show unique people, Lugansk residents and not only who, sacrificing everything they have, were once able to protect what was dear to them. People who sacrificed their souls to save hundreds of thousands of souls.

The film is prepared for the fifth anniversary of the end of the battles for Lugansk.

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