HILARIOUS: Sloppy Feds Trying to Recruit Russians Online With Incompetent Ad Campaign (VIDEO)


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The framework of an FBI public ad campaign is set on Facebook and aimed at the Russians living in the US, among whom potential agents are searched for. Some would ask, although it’s quite easy, is trying to recruit people through ads the smartest move. Marketing images aren’t ingenious – a happy couple with a student daughter and a call for the partnership for your family’s happy future. At this point, it seems, the FBI’s knowledge of Russian is dubious, at best.

So the details are in English – they say that special agents collect the most precious data from society. So anyone who has important information is asked not to keep it secret. Interestingly, this was discovered by CNN journalists. And Facebook only shows such ads to select users. Still, it’s quite funny seeing amateurish grammar and spelling mistakes coming from such an important institution of American “freedom and democracy”.

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